FAQS about legal translation


What is a sworn translation?

Depending on the country, sworn translations are also known as certificates or official translations. It is a document which must bear the seal and signature of the sworn translator who certifies the documents, by adding the official certification formula established by present Spanish legislation (Order AEC/2125/2014 of 6th November) making this document official.


What is a sworn translator?

The legal translator is a public attestator who translates and certifies the accuracy of their translations by attesting and comparing original and translation. The legal translator must sign, bear their stamp and insert their official certification to make sure the document has a fully validity. Most of the texts translated by the legal translator belong to law field, however the legal translation is not registered to any field, texts can related to medical, academic, commercial fields, among others.


Why is it so important to find a good professional?

It is a common misconception that someone with good English can provide an accurate translation service. However, sworn translation requires law expertise and an exhaustive knowledge of legal English/Spanish languages and therefore the need to be treated with care. Spanish Legal Translations have been translating for more than 8 years for a variety of clients including lawyers and notaries.


Specialists in academic documents:

Spanish Legal Translations are extremely proud of the results from the past seven years in the industry. Alexia has lived and worked in the UK for 5 years therefore she has vast experience in assessing and translating academic certificates, degrees and transcripts. Alexia also offers a consultancy service to help clients who work or live overseas.


What type of documents we translate?

All types of legal documents can be translated such as: birth certificates, marriages acts, criminal records certificates, academic degrees, powers of attorney, etc. In essence, any legal document that must be made official for any legal purpose must bear the seal and signature of the sworn translator. For official processes only sworn translations are accepted.


Will my data be both confidential and safe?

We understand the importance of confidentiality therefore all your data and information is safe and not shared to anyone outside the company. All documents you send us will not be disclosed to third parties without prior consent.

And if you still have some unanswered question…

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